Cubix ERP - stock and accounting software in lebanon and middle east
Cubix ERP Business application including stock and accounting for Lebanon and the middle east
What is Cubix?
In a world where business has become a major force and automated transactions are taking over labor-intensive, Softimpact has designed Cubix ERP, a complete Enterprise Resource Planning solution to satisfy horizontal needs of your company. Cubix ERP is a Business Software especially designed to meet business requirements of Enterprises, Medium and Small Business Companies. Based on the best business practices built over the year, our experience is still growing and our clients in multiple countries around the MENA testify successful stories.

With Cubix ERP, decision making has become flexible wherever you are in the world, by consolidating and standardizing processes, improving efficiency, providing visibility across your organization and helping to simplify conformity. User-friendly, secured and scalable, Cubix ERP introduces the new generation of Business Software using refined programming tools. Modular and fully integrated with Stock Management and Accounting modules, Cubix ERP can be customized to each company’s individual business needs. Cubix ERP incorporates data and processes of your organization into one single system by sharing centralized databases and considers in parallel the capacity to integrate third party applications coming from multiple sources and environments.

Softimpact takes the role of your consulting firm and assists your company in gathering requirements, locating a package and implements the solution to make sure your business initiatives are effective and efficient and most important keep a high effectiveness of your ROI (Return On Investment).
For more information about Cubix ERP, please visit or contact us for a consulting session. We believe that your business will improve with our help.
Cubix ERP is a Softimpact software production dedicated to provide stock, accounting, inventory transactions for companies in Lebanon and Middle east
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